Trust installs defibrillators at motorcycle collision blackspots

A charity set up to help save the lives of motorcyclists is stepping up its efforts to get defibrillators installed in collision blackspots around the country.

With traffic volumes getting back to pre-pandemic levels and the summer months meaning more bikers are on the roads, the Nick Brisland Trust is hoping to make up for lost time, reports the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG).

The trust was set up by the mother of Nick Brisland, who died in a motorbike collision in Hampshire during 2015, when he was just 19 years-old. A car driver pulled out and forced Nick to swerve into oncoming traffic.

Ria Brisland came up with the idea of installing defibrillators at biker cafes and motorcycle collision blackspots to ensure “other families don’t go through the horror of what we had to” – by giving other riders the best chance of survival in the unfortunate event of a collision.

Each defibrillator and the cabinet to store it in, which are supplied by St John Ambulance, cost £1,620 and the trust has been able to raise enough money to install 12 so far across the country.

The national lockdowns during the Covid pandemic have halted the installation programme, but as the country starts to open up again, Ria says they are ready to step up the campaign.

She said: “I was sat thinking, two years after my son’s death, about how I could help.

“His tragic death was horrendous for us, and we just want our work to go some way to making people think more about bikers when they are on the roads as most of these accidents are avoidable.

“Nick’s injuries were too severe and a defibrillator would not have saved his life, but the main thing for me is about raising awareness and preventing other families going through what we did.

“Ultimately we just want to get as many defibrillators out there as possible to potentially save lives.

“We have managed to install 12 so far, but Covid has put a halt on things a little and we have another 10 sat ready to go.

“We recently put ones in Liverpool and in the West Midlands and the next two will be going to Belfast. With two in Wales and strong links in Scotland we have managed to spread ourselves across the UK, even if just at a small scale at this moment.”

17 August 2021

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