2Wheels Greater Manchester works in close partnership with the following local authorities. Click on the links below to find out more about motorcycling in your area.

Bolton Council

The 2Wheels GM campaign promotes safety awareness for motorcyclists and supports the health and well-being of everyone who uses Bolton’s streets.

The campaign engages with a wide range of companies and organisations in Bolton, offering both employers and employees the opportunity to help reduce road danger and risk for motorcyclists travelling in the borough.

Resources are available to businesses to encourage engagement in the campaign.


Highways and Engineering
3rd Floor
Paderborn House
Civic Centre

E: [email protected]
T: 01204 336677

Bury Council

Bury Council Road Safety Service can provide road safety training, resources and advice to primary and secondary schools, colleges and youth, community or voluntary groups.

For more information please contact the Bury Council Road Safety Team.


Road Safety Team
3 Knowsley Place Duke Street

T: 0161 253 5552

Manchester City Council

More information and contacts to follow...

Oldham Council

The Council's Road Safety Team provides education, training and publicity for all ages and all types of road user.

Education visits

Nursery schools/Pre-school
Resources are distributed and are available for children and their parents/carers

Primary schools
The team present interactive lessons to Reception, Year 1, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 classes.

Lesson plans and resources are given to teachers for the remaining year groups.

Secondary schools
The team work with Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 students and again have a variety of resources available for additional lessons and/or teacher use.

6th forms and colleges
Pre-driver and pedestrian safety courses

Children's centres
The team aim to visit all Childrens Centre's twice a year to speak with parents and children.

Youth groups
Resources and advice is available for leaders.

Adult groups
The team have publicity resources and facilitate bespoke presentations for adult groups. These range from in-car safety talks through to mature drivers sessions.


Cycle training
The Team manage the Bikeability training scheme. This is operated by S2S, our training provider, and is available for Year 6 pupils at all schools throughout the borough.

The team support national and local campaigns to reinforce messages around speeding, drink driving and mobile phone use.

To find out more or to make a booking get in touch with the Road Safety Team.

T: 0161 770 4343
E: [email protected]


Rochdale Borough Council

[email protected]

Phone: 0300 303 8879
Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm.
Closed for training Monday 11am-11.30am.

Highways and Engineering Service
Number One Riverside
Smith Street
Rochdale OL16 1XU

Salford City Council

More information and contacts to follow...

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

More information and contacts to follow...

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

More information and contacts to follow...

Trafford Council

We recognise the importance of learning to ride a bike safely for children.

Free cycle training
Many of us haven’t actually set foot or bottom on a bike for years.  Bikes have changed, our bodies have changed and the roads have certainly changed. Cycling proficiency is not all about children any more.

School crossing patrols
School crossing patrols ensure the travel to and from school, for local children, is as safe as possible. Currently we have 120 school crossing patrols in operation covering 100 crossing points.

Road safety guides
Resources for families with information to keep them safe on and around the road.

For more information contact [email protected]


Wigan Council

Wigan Council’s Road Safety and Active Travel Team
At Wigan Council we are committed to reducing road collisions through targeted road safety education, training and publicity initiatives.  We produce annual ward casualty audits to establish areas and targets groups of concern.  There is a particular focus on the vulnerable road users, these include; Pedestrians, Two Wheeled Powered Vehicles, Young drivers, Cyclists and Children.

For the young drivers, which is also relevant to young riders, the Safe Drive Stay Alive event is promoted across the borough.  We also have an exhibition vehicle that travels around the borough as part of our road safety roadshow.  One of the topics covered by this is Two Wheeled Powered Vehicles (TWPV), sharing safety messages with the residents of the borough in areas with higher TWPV collisions.

Contact Details: 

Road Safety Team
Places: Economy
Waste and Infrastructure
Wigan Council
PO Box 100
Wigan, WN1 3DS

E: [email protected]
T: 01942 488250

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