In response to statistics which show that motorcyclists and moped riders are among the most vulnerable road users, our 2Wheels partners in London launched a social media campaign in August 2019 to try and improve riders’ safety.

‘Angry Al’ is the unlikely central character of the eight social media videos, which cover areas that contribute towards collisions such as speed, observations, overtaking, junctions and road position.


Say hello to Angry Al and learn to #RideBetter

Angry Al says hit the road

Watch out - Angry Al is on the move

Angry Al gives driving tips to 'idiot'

Angry Al avoids getting flattened

Don't listen to Angry Al's fashion advice

Angry Al is taught bike maintenance

'Zonked' Angry Al learns why not to ride fatigued

Angry Al has a serious attitude problem

2Wheels London would like to acknowledge and thank the City of Westminster for funding the project as part of their Road Safety Education Programme in order to keep all road users safe on the road and reducing casualties.


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