Local government urged to support motorcycling ‘revolution’

The National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) is calling on all local, city and regional authorities to incorporate motorcycling in their plans for transport.

With new local government administrations commencing work around the UK, the NMC says motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are ‘increasingly the transport alternative of choice’ during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It points to Government statistics which show 2.1 million vehicles were registered for the first time in Great Britain during 2020, 27% lower than during 2019.

Despite this, sales of new motorcycles only fell by 5%.

In fact, during the second half of the year, registrations of new motorcycles actually rose – up by 27%.

The NMC also wants to see authorities ‘work positively’ with local motorcycling organisations as they develop their strategies.

Craig Carey-Clinch, NMC executive director, said: “Motorcycling is a key part of the transport mix and is increasingly becoming the transport alternative of choice for the commuting public.

“Local, city and regional authorities need to recognise this and work with motorcycle groups locally to create transport plans which recognise motorcycling as an important part of the transport mix.

“They must ensure that local policies support those who wish to ride to work through the provision of supportive measures. This will lead to a safer and more sustainable environment for motorcycling.”

The NMC was launched in March with a mission to “help assure a positive and sustainable future for motorcycling”.

The NMC brings together a broad spectrum of motorcycle organisations. These range from riders campaign groups, to motorcycle sport representatives, off road and green roads interests and road safety experts.

21 May 2021

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