Key checks to help keep you riding

Most motorbike breakdowns could be prevented if owners performed just a handful of basic checks before they set off on their ride.

That’s the claim made by breakdown provider Start Rescue, after its data showed that half of all motorcycle breakdowns are due to the engines not starting or cutting out.

Non-start issues, such as a flat battery, account for 34% of call-outs, while a cut-out where the engine stops unexpectedly make up 16% of calls.

That’s why it’s vital to keep your bike’s battery properly charged or replace it when necessary, the company said.

A further 30% of motorcycle call-outs are due to general mechanical faults (13%), gearbox and clutch issues (11%), and problems with the chain (6%). Other issues can be caused by tyres and fuel systems that have degraded while the bike has been stored over winter.

Most motorcycle breakdowns happen within a short distance from home, the company said.

The company offers dedicated motorcycle cover for scooters and mopeds as well as motorcycles.

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