Electric motorbikes showcased on The Apprentice

The teams power up for the task ahead. Image: The Apprentice/BBC
“Today, people are turning to new technology to help them make greener choices – and one market that has seen a speedy rise is electric motorbikes.”

That was the assessment of Lord Sugar, introducing the latest task on this series of The Apprentice.

The remaining candidates were challenged to create an advertising campaign for a new electric motorbike – which was then presented to a panel of industry experts.

On that panel was Tony Campbell, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA).

The final branding propositions and advertisements came under criticism from the panel for their lack of understanding of the market and target audiences (can you imagine our surprise).

Speaking about the TV advert for ‘Soldier’, the name one team gave to their bike, Tony said it came across more like an advert for a dating site – adding that the product was “completely lost”. Much like the teams, then.

Image: The Apprentice/BBC

He also brought up the use of the word ‘drive’ in the slogan – ‘ride dirty, drive clean’ – explaining how it might insult the motorbike audience.

The other team’s bike – named Zip Zap – was particularly criticised for its branding (you can see why), as well as the team’s failure to book a rider to participate in its advert (come on now).

Zip Zap or Zif Zaf? Image: The Apprentice/BBC

Despite these failures, the MCIA was pleased to see the benefits of two-wheel electric products detailed to a national audience during a prime-time slot.

Tony Campbell said: “It’s fantastic to see our industry receive coverage on the Apprentice. 

“Whilst MCIA works closely with Government to ensure policy supports the growth of, and uptake of the sector, the programme has brought about a welcome, renewed interest to our sector which will create interest and discussion for both new and existing riders.”

Click here to watch the full episode via the BBC iPlayer – and discover which team won.

7 February 2023

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