Angry Al returns to deliver winter safety messages

2Wheels Greater Manchester has launched a new social media campaign to help riders stay safe this winter.

The campaign utilises the popular ‘Angry Al’ character and runs until 22 December.

Between now and then, a number of posters will be shared on social media, aiming to encourage riders to use the roads in a manner that gives them the best chance of staying safe and avoid being involved in a collision.

These touch on subjects including gear, maintenance, junctions and speed.

A toolkit highlighting the schedule of posts is available via the 2Wheels Greater Manchester website.

They will be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Karen Delaney, from Safer Roads Greater Manchester, said: “Whatever the time of the year, it is important to always wear the correct protective clothing.

“We are seeing younger riders being killed or seriously injured on lower engine bikes under 125 cc which they often buy for commuting to work and these casualties concern us greatly.

“We continue to always remind other road users to look out for motorcyclists especially when the clocks change and the nights become longer.”

Angry Al is the central character of the #RideBetter social media campaign, launched in 2019 to resonate with young riders and positively influence their decision making.

The campaign comprises eight films, which can also be watched on the 2Wheels Greater Manchester website.

In the films, Angry Al acts as the ‘devil on your shoulder’ encouraging bad riding behaviours.

18 November 2022

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