PTW industry ‘doing it for itself’

A leading voice from the motorcycle industry has doubled down on its criticism of the Government for failing to recognise riding as an alternative to public transport during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) says powered two wheelers (PTWs) have been ‘inexplicably ignored’ – given they use minimal road and parking space and also ensure social distancing.

Given the omission of PTWs from Government strategy, the MCIA has taken particular exception to support for ‘road clogging, emission laden single-occupant cars’ – and the ‘imminent use of illegal e-scooters’.

Feeling its argument has fallen on deaf ears, the MCIA says the industry is now ‘doing it for itself’ in promoting the use of PTWs.

Tomorrow it launches the Unlock your Freedom’ campaign, to ensure commuters are fully aware of the advantages of PTWs, including efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the impact on the environment.

The multi-media campaign provides information on everything a new rider needs to know to get on the road.

The MCIA says with this information – and the completion of a short Compulsory Basic Training course – commuters can ‘say hello to briefer, more enjoyable and safer journeys, courtesy of their own socially-distanced PTW’.

02 June 2020

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