NMC backs ‘a fresh vision’ for Vision Zero

The National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) is encouraging the Government, public authorities and organisations involved in road safety to adopt the ‘Welcoming Roads’ approach to Vision Zero.

Outlined by the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) in June, the approach takes a ‘fresh’ look at how Vision Zero is promoted and messaged. 

It builds upon the ‘Safe Systems’ core of Vision Zero and inclusively focuses on the safety of all road users, irrespective of how they choose to travel. 

‘Welcoming Roads’ puts forward four key points:  

  • Roads are legitimately used for many purposes, including commuting, logistics, leisure, sport and exercise
  • No-one should feel disproportionately restricted from using the roads for any of these purposes
  • Everyone should expect to be able to use the roads with equal efficiency and safety, regardless of their legal and legitimate modal choice and purpose for using the road
  • All road users have a duty to show consideration and compromise with their fellow citizens to maintain an environment that is welcoming to all

The NMC says at its heart, ‘this fresh approach recognises that roads and pavements are a valuable shared asset owned by, and servicing, all citizens’.

Craig Carey-Clinch, NMC executive director, said: “Vision Zero without doubt will remain an important part of road safety. Linked with the safe systems approach, it has led to progress in road safety policy. 

“However, road safety progress in the UK and elsewhere has now ‘plateaued’ with further reductions in road fatalities and serious injuries now not occurring as they should. This suggests that it is time to look again at how the Vision Zero message is promoted.

“More creative and inclusive messaging needs to be applied to Vision Zero, so that road safety support and investment applies equally across all transport modes. 

“Public messaging must be evolved so that it can bring more people ‘on board’ with road safety. MAG’s initiation of the discussion in this area is both timely and fully endorsed by the NMC.”

Vision Zero has been at the core of international road safety philosophy since the Swedish Government adopted it in 1997. It aims to achieve a highway system with no fatalities or serious injuries involving road traffic.

22 July 2021

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