New pothole warning

A leading road safety charity has urged motorcyclists to be alert to potholes and poorly-maintained road surfaces after it found that more roads than ever are in poor condition, posing a serious risk to riders.

GEM Motoring Assist said the problems were most acute on rural roads where two-thirds of motorcycle fatalities occur.

An exceptionally wet winter and spring has left large amounts of mud and debris on road surfaces, compromising a rider’s ability to stop or change direction promptly.

Recent data from the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) shows that fewer than half of roads in England and Wales maintained by local councils are in a good condition, with 36 per cent deemed adequate and 17 per cent poor.

Now the riding season is in full swing, GEM is urging riders to protect themselves from the danger created by potholes, ruts and poor surfaces.

GEM’s James Luckhurst said:

“Potholes present risks for riders. If you’re not paying attention and you hit a deep enough pothole, you can easily lose control and falling off. Even in a less serious impact, you may damage your suspension and tyres.

“Treat any rural road with respect, choose your speeds wisely, never exceed speed limits and avoid faster riders.”


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