New Hazard Perception Test

An exciting new project has been launched that could take the training and testing of new bike riders to the next level.

The National Young Rider Forum is working on the development of a motorcycle-specific hazard perception test, to be tailored specifically to the needs of young riders.

Currently, all riders looking to gain their full bike licence take a theory test which includes a hazard perception test. However, it is felt that the test for bikes has fallen behind that of young learner car drivers, whose test uses realistic CGI and is regarded as a world leader.

The bike theory test comprises 50 multiple choice questions, with a pass mark of 43. There is also a 15-minute Hazard Perception Test to help test riders’ ability to observe and identify situations which may require an evasive course of action to be taken.

It tests riders for

  • Having good anticipation
  • Planning well in advance
  • Scanning the road ahead for potential troubleshoots
  • Selection a safe distance of separation
  • Travelling at an appropriate speed.

Candidates are shown a series of moving video clips from a motorcyclist’s viewpoint, each of which features a developing hazard, with candidates required to indicate when they notice a hazard developing which might demand some action on their part if they were on the road.

The new project would look to improve this test by making it more realistic for young bike riders, with situations  drawn from their lived experiences on the road.

It has been funded by The Road Safety Trust and will be carried out by Esitu Solutions, a spin-out company from Nottingham Trent University.

Dr Victoria Kroll, CEO of Esitu Solutions, said:

“We are really excited to be collaborating with the National Young Rider Forum on this pivotal project. We know that young motorcyclists are over-represented in crash statistics. The data show many of the crashes they are involved in are the fault of other vehicles, particularly those with four wheels. This project seeks to improve the hazard perception, and hazard prediction skills of young riders. It will do so by filming those hazards from the perspective of a motorcyclist riding in a mainly urban road environment. This will ensure the test will reflect the real dangers faced by riders. Saving lives lies at the core of our company’s mission, and we are immensely grateful to The Road Safety Trust for their funding, enabling us to make riders safer on the roads.”

Heidi Duffy MBE, facilitator of the National Young Rider Forum, said:

“Sadly, over the last three years, nearly 12,000 young motorcyclists have been injured in road crashes, and of those, nearly 4,000 have been killed or seriously injured. So, projects like this are vital, if we are to alert our riders to the hazards they could face out on the road, and reduce road crashes involving them, in the future. We look forward to working with Esitu Solutions on this prestigious project and wish to thank The Road Safety Trust for funding this work.”

The project is expected to be completed next year.

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