Biker Down

If you were the first on the scene of a crash involving a fellow biker, what would you do?

Would you know who is most at risk, how to protect the area, how to deliver first aid… even whether or not you should remove the rider’s helmet?

Responding correctly – and promptly – in this situation is critical.  Actions taken in the first few moments after a crash can be crucial in minimising injuries and can make a real difference to the lives of those involved.

Yet many bikers are uncertain how they should respond.

To clarify what – and what not – to do, a free three-hour training course has been created called Biker Down. It is run by bikers for bikers, and is designed to answer these uncertainties. The course uses the expertise of the Emergency Services and Road Safety Officers to prepare motorcyclists should the worst happen on the roads.

It’s for bikers of all ages and experience and teaches practical skills to help avoid being involved in a crash, as well as essential first-aid training and advice on what to do if you are first on the scene of a crash where someone is injured.

The course covers:

Crash Scene Management – advice from emergency service personnel on how to protect a casualty and other road users who may have stopped to assist.

Casualty Care – a motorcycle specific input, looking at basic lifesaving skills such as CPR, airway management and helmet removal (when & how).

The Science of Being Seen – a session looking at conspicuity issues and the classic SMIDSY situations.


What did participants say?

“I thought the course was excellent and I very much appreciated it.  I even had a chance to put a little part of it into practice yesterday when one of my ride out team broke down and I managed to get the guys who had stopped with him to move their bikes which were not in the best place – just round a corner.  A small thing that I might not have thought of without your insight”

Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service has launched a new campaign to increase uptake on the course.

Dubbed ‘Do it for Dave’, their publicity drive tells the true story of Dave, a biker who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while riding his bike.

He survived thanks to the assistance of Peter, Tim, Paul and Susie – all of whom had been on a Biker Down course.

The Leicestershire campaign was launched at the Motorcycle Live show in November, and featured an interview with Dave, who said: “Without their help the Doctors have told me I wouldn’t be here, pure and simple.”

You can find out more here

And click to find out more about the course.

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