Greater Manchester speed camera upgrades

Motorcyclists across Greater Manchester have been warned that failing to stick to the speed limit will cost them dearly, after new average speed cameras were installed across the city region as part of a drive to improve road safety.

Speeding represents one of the ‘fatal four’ reckless behaviours that are at the heart of many fatal traffic collisions, and is a particular concern for motorcyclists.

But in a bid to reduce the number of serious traffic incidents, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is upgrading speed cameras across 25 key routes with the latest generation of average speed systems. These track how long it takes a vehicle to travel between two set points on a road using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology provided by Jenoptik.

Supt Gareth Parkin from GMP’s Specialist Operations said:

“These speed camera upgrades are a fantastic improvement on road safety measures for all who live, work and visit the area.


“We have seen almost 600 people either lose their lives or be seriously injured between 2020 and 2022 on our roads, and this is completely unacceptable. These cameras will help reinforce our existing road safety and safe riding messages.”

Dame Sarah Storey, Greater Manchester’s active travel commissioner, said:

“As a city-region we are working to adopt Vision Zero, which targets the elimination of all deaths and life-changing injuries on our roads.


“Speeding is a leading cause behind fatal collisions. Having an upgraded safety camera network that can measure spot speed and average speed to ensure that speeding riders are detected and dealt with, is a vital part of helping realise Greater Manchester’s Vision Zero ambitions and make  the region’s roads safer for everyone who uses them.”

TfGM and Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have worked with Jenoptik to analyse each route to ensure the cameras are placed at the most ‘optimal’ points to deliver the best improvements to road safety for all road users.



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