Drive Fast Die Young

A sobering and thought-provoking new documentary has been produced by the BBC, on the tragedy of young lives lost on the UK’s roads.

Called Drive Fast Die Young it highlights the problems of young car drivers, but every one of its lessons and warnings can be attributed to young bike riders too.

It covers the tragic story of a fatal road crash in February of last year in which two young men died.

Lewis Moghul, 22, was found to be more than three times the legal alcohol limit when he crashed his red BMW 225D MSport on a rural road in Oxfordshire, killing himself and his 19-year-old passenger Sammy Phillips.

The pair had a love of fast driving, and Lewis had wanted to show his car off to his friend on the night they died.

The film looks at why young men are tempted to drive and ride so fast, the levels of drink-driving/riding that also fuels crashes, and the growing number of convictions for dangerous/careless driving and riding.

It’s a tough watch at times, but one everyone should see.

You can catch the documentary on the BBC iPlayer

Please watch it.

The article that tells you more about the film can be found here

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