Charities look to build better mental health

Two charities have teamed up to support and educate riders on looking after their mental health.

The UK’s largest independent road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart, has entered into partnership with mental health charity Mental Health Motorbike (MH Motorbike) for the benefit of the motorcycle community.

Both charities have committed to work together to train and educate their members, plus share expert advice and tips on protecting mental health. IAM RoadSmart members will also have the opportunity to take part in first aid training to further help them support others.

Meanwhile, Mental Health Motorbike have established a new mindfulness activity that is bringing their members together, that’s aimed at reducing stress and anxiety – whilst keeping them safe during winter months. 

This activity is building and sharing LEGO sets creating a level of friendly competition, whilst giving them a task to focus their minds on and something to achieve.

Paul Oxborough, founder of Mental Health Motorbike, said: “More people than ever are finding themselves suffering poorer mental health during this time, factors like financial pressures and isolation, are contributing to this. 

“Giving our members a chance to share their pre-loved LEGO sets has been very successful and we hope more people will join us over the colder months to build, share and donate. We’ve also been hugely lucky recently to receive a very generous donation from the LEGO team.

“We’re on a mission to share our resources that can support riders we meet whilst out on the road so whether it’s offering practical advice or meeting for a ride to have that company, we’re set to reach a wider community of riders to help them tackle any mental health issues.

“We have mapped out all the places’ riders can get support and we are growing our network every day. 

“We’ll be attending events like Motorcycle Live later this year (4-12 December) to spread our message and are offering outreach services into the workplace to talk to staff and employees working within the motorbike industry.”

Amanda Smith, head of field service delivery at IAM RoadSmart, said: “After speaking to Paul about his motive behind why he started Mental Health Motorbike, his plans and ambitions for the future, and the service he offers to the motorbike community it was a pleasure for us to join forces. 

“Providing our members with an open forum where they can speak openly about their mental health with other like-minded people and creating an on and offline community where they share similar hobbies and interests can only be a positive for the sector.”

14 October 2021

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