Are risks part and parcel of riding?

In his latest blog post for 2Wheels Greater Manchester, Colin Brown, MAG’s director of campaigns and political engagement, talks about the risks faced by riders – and whether or not it should be accepted.

The blog post follows a report – published by the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) earlier this year – looking into the phenomenon of safety in numbers when it comes to road safety.

The theory is that higher numbers of cyclists or motorcyclists on the road actually results in reduced risk of collisions due to increased awareness among other road users.

In the blog post, Colin looks at the bigger picture in terms of the risks faced by riders.

He writes: “Everyone accepts a level of risk. I believe that you cannot live life without being exposed to some level of risk, but the rewards of leaving home and enjoying your life are far greater than the benefits of leading a risk free life shut away in your own home all day and every day.”

Reflecting on his own injury experiences, Colin says: “When I had an enforced break from riding, my only thought was my return to riding and how to expedite it.  

“I did not turn into one of those hand wringing activists who say if I can stop just one person going through what I did, it will be worth it. That said, I will do all I can to help reduce risks for all riders while still promoting the benefits of the activity.”

On safety in numbers, Colin concludes that higher prevalence of motorcycles on the road does reduce the risk of injury – but says the effect is minimal.

He finishes by saying MAG will continue to promote getting people out of tin boxes and onto motorcycles.

16 October 2019

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